About Vaarya

In the ancient Sanskrit language, Vaarya means treasure, valuable, illustrious, excellent, precious and it is also another name for the love God Kama.


Conflict Free Natural Diamonds ~ Certified by American Gem Society

All diamonds sold by Vaarya are conflict free. Every piece of jewelry is handmade in the USA by expert craftsmen and is certified by AGS.

Every piece, an offering at the altar of eternal love.


Precious ~ Tiny Surprises in Every Millisecond

Every moment has a million milliseconds, with the potential to be extraordinary. Tiny surprises that have the power to create a storm inside you. A stirring in the core of your soul, an enchantment from the realm of the unknown, presents itself in these moments.

These are the precious moments worth living for… and setting it in stone.


Eternal ~ Cheat Time, Love Forever

You have seen time pass, seen its wayward ways. Ah, to stop time would be a feat that would redefine what it is to be human. A few have given their all and sipped from the fountain of youth. Pure love is the fragrance of life – expressed in countless ways. To captivate it is nearly impossible. But a few brave hearts have tried and succeeded.

In love, you are eternal.


Real ~ A Gift from the Earth

From the earth we rise, to the earth we give. Fire, water, soil, air, and light. A complete woman, man, and child. Each one of us the same, and each one with a burning desire to be seen, to be heard, to be felt, to shine.

Diamonds as real as you and me, joined together for eternity.