About Us

In the ancient Sanskrit language, VAARYA means treasure, valuable, Illustrious, Excellent, Precious and it is also another name for the love god Kama.

A gift of a diamond is the epitome of expressing love and at VAARYA, we strongly believe in that.

All diamonds sold by VAARYA are conflict free. Our rough diamonds are purchased only from authorized sources which are certified by the Kimberly Process.
And because we buy our rough diamonds directly from the source, we are able to offer low prices along with highest quality. All diamonds are cut and polished by our master cutters with utmost care and precision using state of the art techniques to bring out the maximum brilliance, luster and fire.
Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, in the heart of New York city’s diamond district by skilled and talented jewelers.
Our founders have been in the diamond industry for more than 25 years and our passion and commitment to provide better value, quality and service to our customers inspired us to launch our products on Amazon.

We hope you will enjoy and cherish forever, this most precious and rare of all that mother nature has to offer......... Real Diamonds!

Too Precious, To Let Go.
When you find that love of a lifetime, you know this is it. You feel it in your every breath, you realize you cannot exist without it. It becomes a part of your being. It is the most precious feeling you have ever experienced. Capture it forever.

Forever My Eternal Love
Now you have that precious love, you want it to last forever. Every moment, every second of your life wants to be with that love. It is that feeling you never want to be without. You want it, you need it, forever. For eternity and beyond.

Real Love
You know it now, you know it within you. It is time. You want to let your love know, that you are my precious, and I want to be with you, forever, for eternity. You are my real love.

VAARYA | Precious Eternal Real®
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